Whispers of Wings...
Inspired Poetry for the Heart




Welcome to Whispers Of Wings... a inspirational place for you to relax, enjoy, perhaps be inspired.  As you accept the challenges of your journey sometimes whispers of thoughts and words can awaken your soul shedding light on the pathway. 
Whispers of Wings is inspired Spiritual poetry that hopefully will speak to your heart and move your Spirit. Come..nurture your soul..find the beauty of life and love that is within you. There are many uplifting poems that hopefully will speak directly to you.  Each poem has a thumbnail photo under categories. Perhaps just scrolling through the thumbnails photos to see which images catches your eye is the best way to view my poems..then see if the writing applies to you!  Poems can also be written especially for you! Examples are under the "Flowers" section.  Check out the "contact us" for more information!

The Whisper Within 
 is a healing place in NC... a safe, peaceful haven that facilitates the healing of your Spiritual and physical through Reiki



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